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SNI 41st Gala Dinner 2019

Join us for a memorable evening of relaxation and fun with world-class entertainment and much more...

11th Forum on STS Best Practices

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Charterers, Ship Owners, Cargo Traders, Cargo Owners, Pilots, Mooring Masters, Technical Managers, Safety Managers, Safety Superintendents, STS Service Providers, Commercial Operators, STS Equipment Providers, Port Operations

SNI 40th Gala Dinner 2018

Gala Dinner 2018

SNI 39th Gala Dinner 2017

Join us for a memorable evening!

8th Joint Forum on STS Best Practices

The Singapore Nautical Institute (SNI) and Ikhtisas Kelautan Malaysia (IKMAL). JOINT FORUM ON STS BEST PRACTICES 2017