Fendercare Marine Asia Pacific

The Singapore Nautical Institute (SNI) and
Ikhtisas Kelautan Malaysia (IKMAL)



17 May 2017

9.30am to 5.00pm

For more information, please contact the SNI Secretariat at secretariat@sni.org.sg


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To download slides for this event, please click below:

1000hrs - Updates on “STS Focus Group and Best Practices from Other STS Forums” by OCIMF Capt Will Doolittle
(Slides not available for download)

1030hrs - “STS Operations involving Oil Tankers: The Law and Potential Liabilities” by Mr K Murali Pany, Managing Partner, Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP

1050hrs - “STS Transfer Operations - Role of a Port Authority” by Mr Muhammad Razif Ahmad LM. IK., Johor Port Authority

1130hrs - “Class Update on Latest Ship-to-Ship Transfer Planby Li Binbin, ABS
ABS STS Plan 2013 Template

1150hrs - “SNI / STS Steering Committeeby Capt Maheswar Puthucode, Chevron

1200hrs - “Support Craft, Launches and Basic Health & Safety” by Martin Graaskov, FenderCare

1400hrs - “Ship-to-Ship (STS) Navigation Safety Ship Simulation Study” by Dr. Capt. Manivannan Subramaniam M. IK., Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM)
(Slides not available for download)

1420hrs - “STS Operations Best Practices - Oil Spill Preparedness” by Capt Patrick Ooi M. IK., Oil Spill Preparedness Sdn Bhd (Paper)

1440hrsSharing on “STS Best Practices” by Ramsey Dcosta, Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd

1500hrs - Sharing on “STS Best Practicesby Capt. Jaffar Sadat & Capt. Rajiv Kalra, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (S) Pte Ltd

1520hrs - Sharing on “STS Best Practices” by Dr. Stelios Perissakis, DYNAMARINe - OnlineSTS.net