Dear SNI Members,

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As a member, you will enjoy special subsidised prices for all events organised by the SNI and Nautical Institute, and updates on the SNI and the maritime industry, where relevant.

Ordinary Membership: S$90/annum
Associate Membership: S$60/annum

To find out which category of membership you belong to, click here for a copy of our Constitution!

How do I join?

Method 1:

  1. Complete the membership application form found HERE.
  2. Scan your application form and send it to
  3. Post us your original signed form, together with your cheque, at 100 Jalan Sultan #08-02 Sultan Plaza Singapore 199001. Cheques should be crossed and made out to "The Singapore Nautical Institute".

Method 2:

  1. Alternatively, you may complete the online form below and submit your membership fees via credit card
  2. Please note that online payments will be subject to transaction fee charges, which are strictly non-refundable.


  1. All Membership applications will be subject to approval by the SNI Council.
  2. Receipt of payment does not guarantee approval of membership.
  3. For rejected applications, the membership fee paid will be refunded.
  4. Membership applications will be processed in 15 working days. To check on your membership approval status, contact us!