Singapore Nautical Institute Taking the Lead in Maritime Safety Awareness

Singapore Strait is the shipping lane outside our shores mainly onto the eastern seafront. Although there were fewer than five major accidents in the past three years but, maritime disasters are not judged by numbers but by their impact in social life, economy and environment. About a year ago fast ferry from Batam while en route to Singapore collided with an unknown object following which passenger majority of Singaporeans had to abandoned the ferry in a very chaotic manner and finally they were saved by the nearby villages using fishing boats. Although there was no loss of life some of the passengers were traumatised. The investigation in to the accident reveals that poor emergency preparedness of the ferry crew and defective life-saving appliances on board the ferry were some of the contributing factors for chaotic situation during the evacuation process.  

Base on this and similar safety breaches taking place in the maritime industry The President of the Singapore Nautical Institute (SNI ) initiated theMaritime Safety Awareness forum 2016 that took place on 29th July 2016, by inviting Deputy Director Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, Experts from service sector of Life Saving Appliance, Ship Inspectors and Surveyors to share their views on  maritime accidents, safe access, efficient maintenance life saving appliance and SOLAS conventions with the participating delegates from industry.

The Maritime Safety Awareness forum was a half a day event all participants were given the opportunity to raise their views and get their questions answered by the experts.  Enthusiasm from all the participants were positive so as the feedback,  the SNI on its part intend to continue its commitment to Maritime Safety Awareness by organising this forum on annual basis so to ensure All Lives Are Saved.